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Top 5 Best Half Helmets of 2022 (Reviews & Comparison)

Best Half Helmets

Helmets usually come in different styles, sizes, and shapes. The most common design is a half helmet. Half helmets give you more protection with their unique styles. They are very lightweight, comfortable, and give you enhanced airflow.

These helmets also come with comfortable liners and straps to give more support during your ride. Some helmets are also equipped with a visor to protect you from debris and sun.

In this article, you will find the best half helmets along with their features and other details. So go through this article to find the best one according to your need.

If you are in a hurry and don’t have enough time to read the whole article then here is our top pick for you, Daytona Skull Cap Helmet that you can buy right now.

Here is the comparison table for you along with the features of all products.

Best Half Helmets Reviews of 2022

Let’s take a look at all the best half helmets and see which one is ideal for you.

HelmetImageSpecial FeaturesOur Score 
Daytona Skull
51wCjicielL. AC UY218
● 1.8 pounds
● DOT Certified
9/10View Amazon
Bell Pit Boss
71AyH2qkKJL. AC UY218
● 3 pounds
● Removable neck curtain
9.5/10View Amazon
Warrior Helmet
71jXAPt88ZL. AC UY218
● 2.2 pound
● EPS foam
9.5/10View Amazon
Crazy Al's
Top 5 Best Half Helmets of 2022 (Reviews & Comparison)● 5 pounds
● Made from fiberglass
8/10View Amazon
Voss 888CF
61tP1cAIOzL. AC UY218● 1 pounds
● carbon fibre shell
9.5/10View Amazon

Let’s discuss motorcycle half helmets reviews to see which one is ideal for your needs.

Daytona Skull Cap Helmet:

Daytona helmets are known as one of the most famous helmets in the market for the last three decades. They come in unique, stylish, and  Slimline Half Shells designs. They come with DOT technology to keep you safe.

Daytona Skull Cap Helmet comes with impressive features including:

  1. This ½ sized shell helmet comes in attractive dull black color and it is also D.O.T certified so it keeps you safe in case of any incident and prevents you from injury.
  2. This slim and comfortable helmet is established beautifully to fit according to the size of your head that gives you more support.
  3. Its comfy design gives you perfect and tight-fitting, you even aren’t able to realize any helmet is placed on your head.
  4. This half helmet didn’t come with any visor and has an adjustable strap to give you more support, you can adjust this strap under your chin or on the back of your neck according to your choice.

This slim and comfy helmet fits perfectly according to your size to give you more support and comfort on your rides. There is no visor on it to avoid any breathing or sweating problems. Overall, it is the best choice for those riders who want to protect them in a stylish way. It may not be the lightest motorcycle half helmet but it’s worth spending money.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Fits perfect
  • The liner is not removable

Bell Pit Boss Helmet

The next product on our list is the Bell Pit Boss Helmet, this helmet comes in a wide range of sizes. This helmet comes in an attractive black color with a shiny finish. This helmet comes with a comfy design and its different sizes fit perfectly on your head to give you more protection and support on your rides.

The Bell Pit Boss Helmet comes with incredible features including:

  1. This helmet comes with an internal sunshade to protect you from sun and debris during your rides.
  2. This EPS Design helmet offers a neck curtain to protect you from cold weather and wind, you can also remove this neck curtain at the time of need.
  3. The Bell Pit Boss Helmet offers an Innovative Speed Dial adjustable fit system to give exact fitting and support so you can enjoy your ride.
  4. This helmet features carbon and lightweight composite shells to give you more comfy rides.
  5. It features speaker pockets that allow you to connect this helmet with your communication devices.

The Bell Pit Boss Helmet is one of the best half helmets in the market that comes with an amazing pack of features to give you more protection during your rides. Its sunshade protects your eyes and skin from burning in the sun.

Pros & Cons

  • Trimatrix composite shell
  • Removable neck curtain
  • The matte black finish isn’t durable

The Warrior Helmet

The Warrior Helmet is a small-size lightweight helmet that is basically designed for both men and women. This helmet comes in various sizes and designs so you can select according to your size and choice.

The Warrior Helmet  comes with amazing features including:

  1. This helmet comes with an adjustable and simple dial so it can fit firmly on your head.
  2. It comes with a tinted drop-down sun shield to protect you from the sun and other dust particles.
  3. It is integrated with a liner, the liner is made with a  moisture-wicking material to give maximum support and absorb sweat very easily.
  4. This lightweight helmet comes with DOT-certified technology to give you more protection.
  5. It offers a quick-release strap that allows you to remove your helmet quickly.

The Warrior Helmet is also one of the best half helmets in the market that comes with the latest helmet technology. This breathable helmet gives you a stylish look with super protection during your ride.

If you are looking for the latest lightweight helmet at a cheap price this is the best selection for you.

Pros & Cons

  • • Seven colors to choose
  • Available in six sizes
  • EPS foam liner
  • The lining is a bit thin

Crazy Al’s World’s Smallest Helmet

The next product on our list is Crazy Al’s World’s Smallest Helmet, this medium size helmet is very lightweight and comfortable. It is DOT certified and gives you proper protection during your rides.

The Crazy Al’s World’s Smallest Helmet comes with an impressive pack of features including:

  1. This small shell-size helmet keeps an ultra-low profile that gives you perfect fitting during your rides.
  2. Its small size made it the lightest helmet ever that came in the market for riders.
  3. This lightweight helmet is made with fiberglass that makes it more durable.
  4. It is equipped with adjustable quick-release straps that allow you to remove it quite easily.
  5. This helmet comes in different sizes so you can choose the perfect one according to your size.

The Crazy Al’s World’s Smallest Helmet is also one of the best half helmets, this small size helmet comes in eye-catching glossy black color and different sizes. Its construction fiberglass made it long-lasting and durable. Overall, it is a high-quality helmet you’ll absolutely love to have one.

Pros & Cons

  • • Made from fiberglass
  • Lightweight and compact
  • DOT certified
  • Easy to clean
  • The chin strap didn’t fit perfectly.

Voss 888CF 

The last product on our list is Voss 88CF, it comes in very sturdy and stylish designs. It is made with a microfiber liner that makes it more comfortable and gives you perfect fitting. It comes with a drop-down sun lens to give you a comfy ride.

The Voss 888cf Helmet comes with an impressive pack of features including:

  1. The outer shell of the helmet is fabricated with carbon fiber that gives you more protection during your rides.
  2. It is integrated with a sun lens to give protection to your eyes from debris and sunlight during your ride.
  3. This helmet is also  D.O.T certified so it keeps you protected in case of any incident.
  4. It is equipped with a  nylon chin strap that allows the helmet to stay on your head and give you an exact fitting.
  5. It features an ultra-comfortable microfiber liner that gives extra comfort. This liner is removable, you can easily remove this line whenever you want.

This is also one of the best half helmets in the market that comes with a Fiberglass blend and DOT certified technology to give you more protection. If you are looking for a helmet that gives you protection in a stylish way this is the best option for you.

Pros & Cons

  • Strong carbon fiber shell
  • Affordable price.
  • Meets DOT safety standards.
  • The straps might be a little uncomfortable at first.



Which is the best half helmet?

You might not find half helmets that offer Bluetooth abilities but the Sena Cavalry model will! This is one of the most refined half helmets you will find especially due to the built-in Bluetooth capabilities.

Do half helmets protect you?

If you’re talking about complete protection, the easy answer is no, these do not protect you. However, they do have advantages such as better hearing ability and great style. However great style will not protect you from traumatic brain injuries and that’s why these beanie-style helmets are way better for more casual styled cruising.

Which brand is best for the helmet?

As this list has also proved time and time again, the Shoei brand is just a force to be reckoned with! This Japanese brand knows how to combine great quality, safety, and style all into one neat package.

This is undoubtedly a brand that is known for manufacturing really high-end and premium quality models but has a wide range of other kinds too so there is something for everyone.

What helmets do they use in Sons of Anarchy?

In case you were a Sons of Anarchy fan, you might have been wondering what brand of motorbike helmets they used. Well, it has been the Voss 888CF Carbon Fiber Half-Helmet for the most part. This is because this brand is the official supplier to the TV series and it’s just as good for real-life usage as it is in compliance with DOT as an approved Carbon Fiber helmet.