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How to Clean Motorcycle Helmet: Step By Step Guide

How To Clean Your Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcyclists love their vehicles to the core, and we understand the sentiments. They are not only a part of the garage but a part of the heart and soul of the riders. However, motorcycle riders are not the best without other essential accessories. Taking care of the accessories along with the motorcycle is equally important for a smooth ride. Imagine going out with a shiny, clean bike wearing an untidy dirt-laden helmet. Does it seem a good idea? We believe not.

Helmets are essential while riding a bike. Not only do they complete the look of a rider, but they also provide you with ample protection. A survey revealed that head injuries could be prevented by up to 60% only by wearing a helmet. All the motorcyclists would agree on one thing, “Everything looks better from the inside of a motorcycle helmet.” And there’s nothing better than a clean and comfortable helmet for a long ride.

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Why do you need a helmet?

We wonder if anyone asks this question anymore in 2020, where we know how crucial safety is. Helmets are a great source of protection from the atmosphere. In the past decades, helmets have seen everything from rain, shine, storms, hurricanes, and much more to save the riders. Nobody should ever underestimate the power of a helmet. A sturdy helmet can protect you from the worst of head injuries you can think of!

Why is it important to clean your helmet?

Almost all of us wear the helmet for 2 – 4 hours every day and keep it in the same place without rinsing or drying. Those hours of fighting environmental conditions tend to gather a lot of dirt and grime. No, we are not only talking about the accumulation of dust on the outer side of the helmet. The inside of the helmet also needs occasional cleansing as it gets smelly and unclean because of the sweat and hair products. Nobody wants to wear a grimy, smelly helmet to college or work anyway.

What do you need?

While planning to clean your helmet, knowing about the basic requirements is essential. Cleaning and washing a helmet is not rocket science, yet you wouldn’t want to ruin it by using the wrong products. To clean your helmet properly, you need a few things

  • Baby shampoo
  • Car wax
  • Toothbrush
  • Spare accessories (just in need)
Things You Need To Clean Your Helmet
Things You Need To Clean Your Helmet

These are the best choice for your helmet’s care that protects you from the harm of the environment all day.

How to clean motorcycle helmet

Once you have all the material you need to clean your helmet, you should know how to do it rightly. Cleaning the helmet carelessly might cause more damage than benefit. Thus, here’s a step by step guide for you to know how to clean your helmet. Here’s a link if you are looking for a quick cleaning method instead of deep clean

1. Separate the components

The first step while cleaning your helmet is to know the parts of your helmet for deep cleansing. A standard helmet is based on four basic parts

  • The visor
  • The lining
  • The outer shell
  • Strap

The visor is present at the outer side, attached to the shell with the lining on the inside. The lining is usually made of Styrofoam and Koroyd with foam for extra cushioning. Polycarbonates and acrylics make up the visor, whereas the strap is nylon.

Clean Your Helmet

Helmets come in two compositions, mostly, one with removable lining and one without it.

If you have a helmet with a removable lining, you can remove it and wash it separately. Yet, it is not possible if you have the other type of helmet.

To wash the helmet correctly, disassemble the components of the helmet (if removable). Be careful how you take them out as it can be challenging to put them together sometime. You might be able to deconstruct the helmet leaving you with parts such as the shell, visor, lining and cheek pads, neck roll, and straps (if you want to take them out too)

2. Cleaning the Visor

The visor is the most sensitive part of the helmet. It is the transparent component that covers your eyes and keeps them safe from dirt and dust while you drive. If the visor is not present, or it is dirty, the chances of accidents are higher. Cleaning the visor requires extra care and vigilance while doing so. Use a microfiber cloth to rub the dust off the visor lightly. Add some baby shampoo to water and make foam to soak the visor thoroughly. Add the visor to the water and clean with the cloth very carefully. Make sure that you do it with a light hand to avoid any scratches on it. Another way to do it is by spraying the mixture and cleaning with a suitable fabric that won’t leave a residue.

Tip How To Spray
Tip How To Spray

3. Washing the lining

If you own a helmet that you can disassemble into parts, washing the lining in the washing machine is also a possible option. Preferably put the lining and pads into a washing bag and wash them on a gentle cycle in the washing machine. While laundering the cheek pads, use a mild detergent not to damage them. Add an antimicrobial detergent to get rid of any germs on the Styrofoam padding.

Or the other option is to wash them with hands. Make foam by adding baby shampoo to water and mixing well. Put the cheek pads and lining in the water and leave them for some time. Take everything out and rinse well. Dab with a paper towel and leave under a fan to dry completely.

Tips To Wash The Lining
Tips To Wash The Lining

4. Cleansing the shell

Cleaning the shell is an easy job as it is made of hard material. Though, keeping a few things in mind can be beneficial while deep-cleaning your helmet.

Check for any electronic devices in the helmet. You may have a Bluetooth communicator or any such device that you would not want to ruin while cleaning the helmet.

If your helmet has a removable lining, washing the helmet shell is the simplest part of cleaning it. Soak the cover in a mixture of water and baby shampoo for a while (use lukewarm water for easy cleaning). When the debris begins to come off, rub the helmet with a microfiber cloth to ensure it is tidy. Use a soft toothbrush to remove dirt gathered on the inside, where the microfiber fabric cannot reach.

Cleansing The Shell
Cleansing The Shell

But, what if your helmet does not have a removable setting? Removable or unremovable padding, both can be cleaned without worrying. To wash such a helmet, soak the whole of it in slightly lukewarm water for a few minutes. Adding an antimicrobial detergent kills any bacteria present. Later, slightly rub the inside of the helmet, making sure not to tear the padding. Clean the outer side of the helmet with a microfiber cloth.

Wipe The Helmet
Wipe The Helmet

Once clean and tidy, leave your helmet to air dry.

Bonus: looking for finesse to your helmet? Use car wax to polish your helmet and give it the shine it deserves! We do not recommend polishing matte-finish helmets.

1. Changing accessories

If you find the visor to be scratchy or the strap loosened up even after cleansing the helmet, you might need to change the accessories. Do not think twice before changing if the strap of your helmet is worn out. A loose strap can cause terrible damage.

2. Reassembling

Once you have washed every component of the helmet, put them in place for your helmet to look like a brand new one.

The Don’ts of helmet care

  • Do not use petroleum-based cleaners.
  • Do not use harsh detergents like dish soaps on your helmet.
  • Do not put the lining and cheek pads in the dryer.
  • Avoid the use of dryer sheets as they can cause allergic reactions.