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ILM Dual Visor Full Face Helmet Review Of 2022

ILM Dual Visor Full Face Helmet


ILM dual visor full-face helmet comes with an LED light that increases the rider’s visibility on roads. This enables the rider to stay on the streets for a longer time. The protection that comes with this helmet is a top-of-the-line feature of this product that has become possible due to dual visor. There are lots of colors and sizes in which this product is available.


This helmet by ILM has many remarkable features that are going to be discussed below:

External shell: The ILM dual visor full-face helmet has an ABS shell with high resistance properties. The external shell also has a strap attached to it. Due to this resistant shell, it easily meets the standards of safety and is also DOT certified.


The interior of this full-face helmet is completely padded. The cheek pads are incredibly lightweight and can be washed easily by removing them. This makes the helmet a pleasurable gear for a long time


When it comes to design, ILM has done an excellent job bringing an innovative design to the market. The sleek and stylish design grabs the attention of people. It has been structured in such a way that it reduces the noise to a great extent giving the best experience to the biker


Despite the extra padding and being a full-face helmet, the weight of this product is just 4.5 pounds.

Dual visor:

Not every helmet comes with multiple visors, and this feature makes this helmet the best option for bikers who have to ride it at high speed and want an anti-fog view in cold weather.

ILM Dual Visor Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


  • This product has some amazing features that we must take into consideration. Let us see some of the best features:
  • The product comes with LED lights that are an innovation in the protective gears industry.
  • The design of the dual visor helmet is lightweight.
  • The face shield is of high quality that does not let the fog appear and also does not let the scratches ruin its sleek and smooth finish.
  • The strap system of the helmet is highly adjustable, which makes it fit for all products.
  • The liner is removable.


  • It cannot prevent wind noise, especially when vents are left open
  • The shield of the helmet has to be flipped down while riding. There is no option to keep it open.

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LED lights in the ILM dual visor full-face helmet are distinctive features. There are double visors in the helmet that allows the user to choose the visor of his choice whatever he finds comfortable to use while riding. The ventilation system of the helmet is such that it will prevent noise from coming from outside. However, if the vents are not closed properly, then the noise will be unavoidable. There is no need to deal with a bad smell because the liner can be removed and washed whenever you want.