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Typhoon adult full-face motorcycle helmet

Typhoon Helmets Reviews

Typhoon Adult  Helmet Overview:

If you are someone living in the USA, you must be aware that you need a DOT-certified helmet. A DOT-certified helmet is one that has a high safety rating. Typhoon adult full-face motorcycle helmet is one of the most recognized full-face helmets that conform to the standards to be certified.

Most riders like to wear helmets, not for safety only. But they want to look stylish with it and require some functionality that they can never get without wearing a helmet. When choosing a full-face helmet, Typhoon’s full-face motorcycle helmet can be given a second thought.

Typhoon full face Helmets Reviews


  • This helmet model is not designed for someone too young because it does not have extra padding and holds a small shell as a protective outer covering.
  • Adult helmets by Typhoon meet the quality and safety standards set by the authorities
  • It comes with a single flip-up shied that is crispy clear.
  • The internal padding of the helmet is soft and removable, making it easy to wash.
  • Chinstrap is quick release making it easy to open and close
  • A durable matte finish keeps the helmet durable and reliable for a longer period of time.


Some of the best features that we liked about this helmet are:

  • It is available at a low price and can be one of the cheapest full-face motorcycle helmets available.
  • The Typhoon adult full-face motorcycle helmet comes with a smart design that provides the necessary level of protection to the biker. There are also some integrated features in the helmet which make this helmet highly usable
  • This model of helmet outperforms others in terms of aesthetics that have been imparted to it with the protective visor having a flip-up design
  • ABC plastic has been used to construct the outer shell of the helmet, making it fight off dust particles, debris, insects, and whatnot
  • A well-established ventilation system of the helmet helps you customize the ventilation depending on the external weather conditions. This feature is extremely handy, especially for those bikers who have to ride in extremely cold weather


  • The brand has tried to provide more features at a low price, suggesting it has cut corners to give additional features to this helmet and add aesthetics.
  • This model of Typhoon full-face protective gear is not a good choice for those who are looking for something that can cancel noise, making it quiet even when they are riding at supersonic speed
  • Although the ventilation system of the helmet is good enough, its shield often tends to fog up


Typhoon adult full-face motorcycle helmet can be the best protective accessory for all those adult motorcyclists who want something contemporary at a very cheap price. However, certain compromises have to be made for those who want to use it. The design is hands down, too unique and classic.